Brooks & Dunn’s ACM Tribute Ropes Big Sales

Remember that tribute show,ACM Presents: Brooks & Dunn – The Last Rodeo, on CBS late last month? The one where Brooks & Dunn mostly sat on the side of the stage and let other artists perform their hit songs? Well, after the 10 million viewers saw that two-hour special, a bunch of them must’ve rushed to their nearest record store or online music provider, because sales of the duo’s latest release, #1s … And Then Some, were up 211 percent in the week after the show aired, according to Nielsen SoundScan. And sales of their Greatest Hits Collection were up 174 percent, too. Maybe they should really rethink this retirement idea. Clearly, their music is still so revered that even when other people are singing them, America still wants Brooks & Dunn songs.

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