Keith Urban Taking All Questions Tonight? I’m In.

When you go through an artist’s publicist to set up an interview, there are usually a few of their rules you have to play by. So there’s no asking about so-and-so, don’t bring up the you-know-what and for God’s sake do not get into a conversation about THAT. So this chat thing Keith Urban is doing tonight (June 7) at 5 p.m. CT with fans seems like a golden opportunity to get all the answers you want. It even says, “no question will be off limits.” That doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll answer all of them, but still. The guy’s got class, so if I was on the chat I’d definitely keep it classy. But maybe, just maybe, a few fans will stray into otherwise forbidden territory and Urban will give up some honest answers. You can submit questions in advance on Urban’s site or Facebook or Twitter pages. And the chat will stream live if you just want to listen in anonymously.

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