Stepping Out in Nashville … But Not in High Heels

Well, I’m here in Nashville. So that part’s good. But oh what a journey it’s been to get to Nashville. A delayed and very bumpy flight. The comedy act I’ve come to love from the flight attendants was nonexistent. Then, because bad things come in threes, they lost our luggage. But wait, there’s more. They offered me a $50 gift card to a discount store. No offense but I hardly think that $50 would do much to get me red-carpet ready. I doubt I could even replace my iPhone charger, my makeup and hair products with that meager stipend. I know Gretchen Wilson says she always gets her bras there, which is fine, but I need a fancy dress and shoes. And here’s why the shoes are the most important part of my little dilemma. I am the kind of girl who wears towering high heels ALL the time. And I’m perfectly comfortable in them.

I think I gave up my last pair of flats when I got rid of my Keds in 1983. But what I always seem to forget when I am packing for a trip to Nashville is that high heels never, ever work because of all those hills that loom ahead of me north of lower Broadway. I inevitably end up taking my shoes off and walking barefoot all around the city. So consider this a public service announcement. Or kind of a warning. When you come for the CMA Music Festival, wear very comfortable shoes with very low heels. That’s just a little something they definitely don’t put in the tourism press kits: Heels and hills do not go together in Nashville.

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