Lady Antebellum’s Need You Now Big in Europe

Lady Antebellum‘s Charles Kelley, Hillary Scott and Dave Haywood haven’t ever played across the pond. But that hasn’t stopped fans all over Europe from loving their country-pop sound. And theNew York Times is reporting that this has made the band and its label “guardedly optimistic” about success over there. (Their Need You Now album opened at No. 8 on the sales chart.)

But to reach Shania Twain-like status in other countries, they may need to start touring over there. That’s the opinion of the editor of Maverick, a British country music magazine. Their schedule here is pretty jam-packed, though, with their Tim McGraw dates and then their own headlining tour. So the decision isn’t an easy one. If you are a country music sensation in one country, should you try to share the love? Or does that compromise your ability to make the most of your fame here at home?

I also can’t stop wondering why so many American country artists try for touring and chart success in Europe, but with the exception of Keith Urban, how many country artists from other parts of the world try to cross over and succeed here? Maybe there are hundreds and I just don’t know about them. One artist I’ve heard of, Richard Palmer, has a quintessential Nashville voice. But he plays in the UK, not in America. Should more artists like Palmer try to tour here? I just think maybe if Nashville is going to try to export some country music, we should try to import some as well.


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