Music Snobs Hit Rewind on Cool Cassette Tapes

Do you ever meet those music snobs who tsk-tsk your iPod and tell you that music’s only good when it’s on vinyl? (They are the same folks who tell you that the book was SO MUCH better than the movie.) Well, now the snobs have a new fetish to get all in love with again: cassette tapes. “A tiny but busy tape-based music culture is growing from roots in economic necessity, thrift-store crate-digging and, yes, a pride in being difficult for its own sake,” according to a story in the L.A. Times. Even though many of us hated cassettes when they were all we had, all that rewinding and fast forwarding and flipping over to the other side, there’s a little burst of nostalgia happening in hip music boutiques. Maybe that’s because tapes are tangible. Maybe it’s because they are as dirt cheap as the vintage boom boxes you can play them on. Or maybe we all just want to take a little trip back down memory lane to those mix tape days.

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