Taylor Swift Says “Konnichiwa!” to Country Radio

Getting 116 radio stations to put your song on right when it’s released is quite an achievement. Because she’s just as gifted as a businesswoman as she is a songwriter, Taylor Swift was smart enough to send out a quick thank you to all those stations who added “Mine” to their playlists. (It kind of makes me wonder why some stations didn’t add it, you know?) In an impromptu video greeting, Swift offers a heartfelt “Konnichiwa!” then goes on to say hi to her friends at country radio and gives her effusive thanks. She does it from the side of a stage in Toyko where she was part of the Summer Sonic Festival. Right before she heads out to sing, she says, “I’m about to play for 45,000 people in Japan! Wish me luck! Thank you for the first week. I love you.”

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