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Be Careful at Concerts When Urine to the Music

If you’re smart, you already know that you’re never supposed to let your drink out of your sight at a bar, club, concert, whatever. There are all kinds of date-rape drugs that creepy freaks can easily slip in there without you knowing. And now creepy freaks have one more way to gross us all out. With their pee. This guy in Florida has been accused ofurinating in cups and putting them on a bar in the House of Blues. And now he’s out on bail. It’s not clear whether he was doing it because he couldn’t find a restroom, or if he was literally trying to get people to drink his pee just for kicks. In a dimly lit room, pee and beer would look very similar. So I may have to think twice now every time I’m at a show and the singer yells out that it’s time for a holler ‘n’ swaller. Be careful out there.

Photo credit: Scott Olson/Getty Images News