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Lady Antebellum’s New “I Run to You” on the Edge

Is it possible to take one song and see it two completely different ways? After seeing a new video for Lady Antebellum’s “I Run to You,” I have to say, absolutely. I thought the first one was so neat, with its pay-it-forward theme playing out in the coffee shop. But this new one shifts gears to be more about the band’s performance and less about the story. That’s just how director Christopher Sims intended it. “It’s set on a rooftop in Nashville, like an artists’ loft might look, because I wanted the band to be observers. They’re looking down at the world from over the edge,” he told me.

Then there’s the backwards-running girl. “It’s like she’s running back to him. And as it gets closer to the end, she’s running past couples who are kissing, which is what she’s trying to get back to. It’s very heartfelt.” (Side note about the reverse motion: Because Sims was filming the girl running forward, the happy couples had to do their thing in reverse. See if you can tell that their kisses were really unkisses.)

And what about the pensive rooftop guy? “He’s up there, taking it all in, as if it’s the morning after a big fight,” Sims said. Once the girl makes it back to the guy, there’s no more backwards motion. That’s because she’s right where she wants to be.