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LeAnn Rimes Makes Fabulous “Swingin'” Return

When I was on the red (blue) carpet last week before the CMT Music Awards, this adorable Australian country singer Shea Fisher told me that her favorite video of all time was LeAnn Rimes’ “Nothin’ Better to Do.” I agreed it was a great video because Rimes can be so entertaining when you stop paying attention to the gossip and just focus on her singing. So when Rimes came out during the awards show to perform her new single, a cover of John Anderson’s 1983 “Swingin’,” it all became perfectly clear again how fabulous she is onstage. She sang that song like it was her own, threw her rich vocals into it, gave it a saucy sexy spin AND did three cartwheels. Not that I was counting or anything. Her next album, Lady and Gentlemen, will be all covers. On her Twitter page, Rimes says she is “Super excited,” so I can’t wait to hear more of that. She also wrote that the album will be released on vinyl on Sept. 30 and all other outlets on Oct. 5, for those of you who haven’t gone all retro and bought vintage record players.

LeAnn Rimes Doesn’t Regret Outcome of Affair

Eddie Cibrian is a lucky man. He is “the outcome.” That’s howLeAnn Rimes referred to her relationship with him in a recent issue of People magazine. “I take responsibility for everything I’ve done. I hate that people got hurt. But I don’t regret the outcome,” she said. It’s actually kind of romantic in a twisted sort of way. Because she’s basically saying that where she ended up, in the arms of Jesse Cardoza from CSI: Miami, is where she ought to be. I’m not suggesting everyone run out and cheat on their spouses, but who knows what Rimes’ first marriage was like. Maybe it was loveless. Maybe it wasn’t as good in real life as it looked in red-carpet pictures. So now that she’s with Cibrian, she’s happy. She also says in the story that, “I never once thought what I was doing was OK” and that her marriage was “out of balance.” Her ex, Dean Sheremet, seems pretty bitter, like he wants her to regret what she’s done. After the story came out, he tweeted, “Don’t apologies normally carry regret for your actions?”