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Kix Brooks Finds Serenity on His 600-Acre Farm

A funky little cabin. A two-story tree fort. These are the kinds of things that inspire Kix Brooks. Well, those and the 600-acre farm he has them on. He tells People Country magazine that this is where he finds peace, and that “anytime you can get some peace, I think it serves as great inspiration.” (He in fact co-wrote the Brooks & Dunn hit “Only in America” on this property.) I’m guessing the acreage also has a real home and that Brooks does not spend all his time in the aforementioned tree fort and tiny cabin. But all he says of the farm’s best feature is its remoteness, even though it’s only about an hour from Nashville. “If you get to really experience the woods, where you can’t see power lines, people or roads, you realize that there is a serenity in the world,” he says.