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Director Roman White Gives the Scoop on “Mine”

Roman White is the man behind the new Taylor Swift video, “Mine.” You can scour the Internet for details on the shoot (what designer was wore, how hot was that guy in it, is there some kind of kissing scene, where did they shoot it), and you will never find more comprehensive scoop than in White’s own blog now that the video is officially finished. He rants a bit about how hot it was in Maine (“I’m talking eggs boiling on your buns HOT!”). And he reminisces about the producer getting accosted by a sea gull and about getting a Hugs A Lot bear from Swift at the end of the project. The shoot started on a 2,000-acre estate, then the cast and crew headed to a small town called Cape Porpoise. White doesn’t give a premiere date for this insanely anticipated video, but since the song itself was released earlier than planned, maybe the same will happen with the video.

Kanye West’s VMA Stunt Can’t Be Easily Forgotten

Kanye West wants a fur coat. Kanye West orders bellinis too early. Kanye West drinks New York City tap water. Kanye West likes his new collaboration withBeyoncé. And Kanye West is thrilled he has more than 600,000 followers on Twitter. And that’s all well and good, for Kanye West. But have those 600,000 people forgotten what West did? Do they not remember that just about a year ago, he yanked the microphone out of Taylor Swift’s hands during her MTV VMA acceptance speech for”Love Story” “You Belong With Me” and told her and the millions watching that, essentially, Beyoncé had the better video? I am not quite over that. So I don’t know that I’d want to follow him. Plus, nothing says “It’s All About Me” quite like a man with around 610,000 followers and 0 people on his following list.

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Country Music Covers Uncover New Discoveries

If it was not for Jerrod Niemann’s swift rise to fame, and his very infectious “Lover, Lover,” I might never have heard of Sonia Dada. Neimann remade the group’s 1992 hit, “You Don’t Treat Me No Good,” into “Lover, Lover.” And if it was not for Kenny Chesney’s “Down the Road,” I might not have taken it upon myself to fall in love with Mac McAnally’s music, as he sings the thoughts of a hesitant father on that tune. And really, I might not have paid enough attention to Kelly Clarkson until she andReba McEntire came together for that unforgettable collaboration on Clarkson’s “Because of You.”

When two like-minded artists get together on a song (like, say, Kellie Pickler andTaylor Swift on “The Best Days of Your Life,” or Trace Adkins and Blake Shelton on”Hillbilly Bone”), it makes perfect sense. But when they branch out a little (Taylor Swift and John Mayer on “Half of My Heart,” for example), it always takes me by surprise. And I usually love the results. It’s often the same with remakes of songs I’d never heard of. When Miranda Lambert put Gillian Welch’s “Dry Town” on her Crazy Ex-Girlfriend album, I immediately looked into more of the Americana singer-songwriter’s music.

There are days, though, when I like the cover song and the cover song only, like when Dierks Bentley put the 26-year-old “Pride (In the Name of Love)” on his new album, Up on the Ridge. I already knew the U2 song. Who doesn’t? But I never really paid much attention to it. Never even liked it. Now that Bentley’s singing it, with Del McCoury on vocals, I dig what they’ve done with it.

Some days I am exhausted just looking at the tall, tall stack of CDs on my desk. There is just so much music. But then on other days, like today when I have time to sit and think, I’m so glad that I can stop putting music into neat little boxes. It’s better to have an open mind and let the music come to you.

Taylor Swift Kicking Off NFL Season With a Concert

I predict that professional football will have a whole bunch of new fans next month. Young ones. And girl ones. I’m sure all kinds of rookies will be tuning in to theNFL’s annual kick-off concert on Sept. 8 on NBC to see Taylor Swift performing in New Orleans’ Jackson Square along with theDave Matthews Band. They may even stay tuned for the actual game afterward when the Minnesota Vikings play the New Orleans Saints. This is certainly not Swift’s first time singing at a sporting event. She started that around 11 years old, when she realized that singing the National Anthem was a surefire way to get potential fans’ attention at Philadelphia 76ers’ games. She’s gone on to sing at the U.S. Open tennis tournament and even at game three of the 2008 World Series when her home-state team, the Philadelphia Phillies, was in it.

Taylor Swift’s Lyrics Studied by Wall Street Journal

When you think Wall Street Journal, you may not think Taylor Swift. But the bottom line is, reporters are people, too. And some of those reporters are people who have little kids and can’t help notice how much Swift’s music had embedded itself into every inch of pop culture. So this reporter took it upon himself to analyze the lyrics to Swift’s new song “Mine,” saying it’s “dotted with seemingly drawn-from-life details” and that “there’s a strong sense of almost-instant nostalgia.” And when he reflects on Swift’s power over very young kids like his own, he says that young listeners are “nostalgic in reverse.” I have to agree that reverse nostalgia works with so many country songs. I haven’t sent any kids off to college yet, but Trace Adkins’ “Then They Do” hit me hard anyway. And I may not know what it feels like to be married for 58 years, but when I get there, I’m sure I’ll be singing Lee Brice’s “Love Like Crazy.”

Taylor Swift’s New Single Leaked, but Why?

When Taylor Swift was interrupted by Kanye West at the MTV VMA Awards last year, someone joked about how it was like kicking a kitten. Swift is extremely likeable, so why would anyone want to do something so hateful to her? And I feel a little bit like that today since her first single off her next album was leaked to the Internet without her blessing. It’s like kicking the kitten all over again.

Swift was going to release the song “Mine” on Aug. 16 on her own terms. But yesterday (Aug. 4), a crappy-quality bootlegged version was spreading like wildfire online. So her record label decided to go ahead and release the song to country radio stations two weeks ahead of schedule. It shot to the top of the iTunes charts while Swift was on her way to Japan. Back on the ground, she tweeted: “I landed in Japan and got 20 texts and looked at iTunes and got tears in my eyes. And so, we begin again. :)” She even posted a picture of the actual chart to show how “Mine” was the top song on the top songs chart.

I guess what I don’t get about leaks is why someone would do this. They don’t get credit because who would want their name associated with something sneaky and cruel and illegal. Maybe they get a little thrill out of knowing they were behind all this buzz. Unfortunately, they also get karma. She can come back to haunt you. And she can be a real bitch.

Taylor Swift’s Lullaby Songs Soothe Baby to Sleep

Mothers will try anything to get their babies to sleep at night — from putting lavender in the bathtub to rocking in a rocking chair for hours on end — so having some Taylor Swift music to help you get that job done is a win-win situation. This new Hushabye Baby: Lullaby Renditions of Taylor Swift has 12 tracks and is being billed as “nursery-ready instrumental renditions of Swift’s biggest hits.” I think by “nursery-ready,” they mean they’ve replaced the blazing fiddles with things like the glockenspiel, piano and marimba. While I’m not a fan of instrumental music, this one makes sense since so many mothers probably know Swift’s lyrics by heart anyway. Mom (or dad) can sing along with the CD to tunes like “Love Story,” “Forever and Always,” “Today Was a Fairytale” and her debut single, “Tim McGraw.” And baby falls asleep. And it’s a good night for everyone.

Taylor Swift Says Music Is “Number One Love”

Taylor Swift has dabbled in acting with that CSI episode and that little part in Valentine’s Day, but she recently told MTV News that was it for her Hollywood alter ego. For a while, anyway. “I’m not making movies right now. I’m making music,” she said. “That’s always been my number-one love.” She added that it was cool and really fun to do those acting projects, but she made it sound like her music videos are enough of a creative outlet for that acting bug. “I feel like I get to do these little mini-movies when I make music videos, so that kind of fulfills that little need or desire,” she said.Tim McGraw and Reba McEntire have both found a way to make great music and do some quality acting, but what’s right for one artist isn’t always right for another. So if music is Swift’s number-one love, then I’m glad she’s staying true to that.