Director Roman White Gives the Scoop on “Mine”

Roman White is the man behind the new Taylor Swift video, “Mine.” You can scour the Internet for details on the shoot (what designer was wore, how hot was that guy in it, is there some kind of kissing scene, where did they shoot it), and you will never find more comprehensive scoop than in White’s own blog now that the video is officially finished. He rants a bit about how hot it was in Maine (“I’m talking eggs boiling on your buns HOT!”). And he reminisces about the producer getting accosted by a sea gull and about getting a Hugs A Lot bear from Swift at the end of the project. The shoot started on a 2,000-acre estate, then the cast and crew headed to a small town called Cape Porpoise. White doesn’t give a premiere date for this insanely anticipated video, but since the song itself was released earlier than planned, maybe the same will happen with the video.

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