Kanye West’s VMA Stunt Can’t Be Easily Forgotten

Kanye West wants a fur coat. Kanye West orders bellinis too early. Kanye West drinks New York City tap water. Kanye West likes his new collaboration withBeyoncé. And Kanye West is thrilled he has more than 600,000 followers on Twitter. And that’s all well and good, for Kanye West. But have those 600,000 people forgotten what West did? Do they not remember that just about a year ago, he yanked the microphone out of Taylor Swift’s hands during her MTV VMA acceptance speech for”Love Story” “You Belong With Me” and told her and the millions watching that, essentially, Beyoncé had the better video? I am not quite over that. So I don’t know that I’d want to follow him. Plus, nothing says “It’s All About Me” quite like a man with around 610,000 followers and 0 people on his following list.

Photo credit: Christopher Polk/Getty Images

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